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Miller Biotech Antimicrobial Applications Include:

  • Airlines – quickly disinfect airplane cabins between flights. Chemical product is safe and goes on almost dry, reducing labor with virtually no wiping.
  • Airports, hotels and other high-volume venues - Spray handrails, escalators, elevator keypads and all other high-touch surfaces.
  • Major hospitals, large medical facilities and clinics - Efficiently treat all high touch areas such as wheelchairs, doorhandles, computer terminals, lobby chairs, reception counters, medical diagnostic equipment, etc.
  • Public & private schools, universities, libraries, daycares and other learning institutions - High touch surfaces in public areas. 
  • Retail stores such as supermarkets, dollar stores, drug stores, department stores - Any and all high touch surfaces such as shopping carts, cash registers, check stands and more that require routine cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Nail salons, gyms and spas - Prevents mold, bacteria, fungi and stops cross contamination.
  • Public housing, apartments, condos and rental properties - Treat high touch areas in common areas, kitchens, bathrooms etc.
  • Car & truck rentals, taxis, Uber, Lyft, Curb, Obi and Flywheel - Disinfect & protect vehicle interiors for quick turn around between rentals and for great customer satisfaction and safety.
  • Residential homes - Provide maximum protection for occupants.

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