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What is an Electrostatic Sprayer?

Electrostatic sprayers positively (+) charge chemicals as they pass through a charging ring located at the tip of the spray nozzle. This specific nozzle separates each molecule, as small as 40 microns, creating a micro charged fine mist. This mist is drawn onto and around its negatively charged target (-). This phenomenon is known as the electrostatic “wraparound”. Commercial facilities and sanitation crews are embracing this technology for its efficiency. It reduces chemical usage and saves labor costs as it covers 360 degrees by spraying from only one direction. The process can be compared to that of a magnet attracted to a metal surface.​

Using this type of equipment and our cutting-edge technology along with a recommended antimicrobial product can revolutionize sanitizing results.

What is The Epix360?​

The Epix360 is the most effective electrostatic sprayer in the world. Made in the USA, this patent pending technology is lightweight and ergonomically designed with a flow rate that is best in the market. The Epix360 allows a single employee to quickly and effectively disinfect large spaces.​

Specs of the Epix360:​

  • Weight: 2.45 lbs. (3 lbs. when full)
  • Spray Distance: 24 inches to 36 inches​
  • Flow Rate: 1.011 GPH, 3.827 LPH
  • Droplet Size: 76 Microns
  • High-touch Coverage: 8 oz - 4,000 sq. ft., 13 oz - 6,500 sq. ft.
  • Battery: 14.4 V Lithium Ion (2)
  • Battery life: 20 8 oz tanks on a single charge

In the realm of spraying technology, electrostatic sprayers stand apart from conventional counterparts in a remarkable way. Unlike conventional sprayers, which produce comparatively larger spray droplets, electrostatic sprayers generate droplets that are a staggering 900 times smaller. What sets them further apart is the unique electrical charge imparted to these minuscule droplets.

Much like the magnetic attraction between a magnet and metal, the electrically charged droplets exhibit a natural affinity towards surfaces. This attraction intensifies as the droplets draw closer to their target, much like to a magnet being drawn to metal. Despite the modest size of the charge, it exerts a force on the droplets equivalent to 75 times the pull of gravity, propelling them towards the target with remarkable efficiency.

An intriguing phenomenon accompanies this process: as the charged droplets approach a surface, they defy gravity, reversing their direction and ascending upwards. This peculiar behavior ensures thorough coverage, even reaching the undersides and backside of the target. This phenomenon, known as electrostatic wraparound, underscores the unique efficacy of electrostatic spraying systems.

Benefits of The Epix360

  • Enhanced safety for workers, students, and individuals in the vicinity: Utilizing low volume electrostatic spraying minimizes chemical exposure, promoting a healthier environment for all.
  • Increased effectiveness: The smaller droplet size and enhanced coverage significantly enhance the bioavailability of disinfectant compounds, maximizing their efficacy.
  • Fewer sick days: Rigorous disinfection protocols help curb the transmission of various communicable diseases, ranging from bacterial infections to influenza and other viruses, as well as digestive ailments like the Norwalk virus or salmonella, leading to fewer sick days.
  • Utilization of fewer toxic chemicals: The heightened efficiency of the process enables the use of a wider range of disinfectants and sanitizers, reducing reliance on highly toxic substances.
  • Environmental friendliness: Embracing safer chemicals and minimizing waste not only fosters better indoor environments but also lightens the overall environmental burden, making it a sustainable choice for disinfection practices.

Backpack Electromagnetic Sprayers

We also offer state of the art backpack type sprayers for larger applications. We have researched and found the best sprayers available on the market so that our customers are 100% confident in their sanitizing system. We know that ROI is important.

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