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It Hasn’t Always Been About Covid…

Many businesses emerged to get the necessary supplies to help Americans protect and battle their way through the pandemic. And while we may have had our start with Covid-19, we were never just about the virus.

We have always offered products that can assist any family with using the best possible solutions and tools for cleaning their home, because there are many more threats to your family than a single microbe.

  • Numerous Flu’s affect families every year, sickening millions of Americans – so effective germ control is always needed
  • Salmonella, especially prevalent on store-bought fruits and vegetables are carried home with each and every shopping trip
  • Many of the colds and other bugs that are brought home from public and private schools can be prevented or reduced through simple but effective hand hygiene.

We are constantly on the lookout for ways to build up defenses – both internal and external so that you and your family stand the best chance of staying health.


Drayton Miller,

M.A., Ph.D.

Dr. Miller is the President/CEO of ThermoPod, LLC, a world leader in cold chain, alternative and protective packaging, with emphasis on innovative new product development (see for patents, patents pending, registered trademarks and other proprietary technology. ThermoPod’s first invention was a packaging system created while working with NASA at the John C. Stennis Space Center in Hancock County, MS.

Dr. Miller & Thermopod then won DHL’s worldwide packaging contest, beating out several U.S. and European companies. DHL trademarked the system ThermoExpress® and began selling it to major companies all over the world. ThermoPod then turned to producing environmentally friendly products. In 2012, ThermoPod’s “green” temperaturecontrol, one-piece mailer finished first runner-up in a national competition at INDA’s Research, Innnovation & Science for Engineered Fabrics Conference in Baltimore, MD.

In 2020, Dr. Miller founded MillerBioTechSolutions, LLC (MBTS) to help combat COVID-19 and other microbial maladies. MBTS offers, primarily through e-commerce, cutting-edge antimicrobials for sanitation and protection (for more information, see

Dr. Miller received the prestigious Otto Heller Fellowship Award while earning his doctorate at Washington University in St. Louis, MO.

Our Commitment…

For the World Around You: Surface, Skin & Air

Bringing together innovative solutions and technologies for safer homes, workplaces and lifestyles.

Protective Skin Barriers

We begin by providing you, your family and your co-workers with gently hand and skin cleaning solutions that effectively remove embedded soils and microbes. We then follow these steps with a proven natural solution for skin antimicrobial protection.

Disinfection & Protection

It is no longer necessary to rely solely upon staining bleaches, sticky phenolics or superbug-forming quats to disinfect and protect surfaces. We can now offer a broad selection of both disinfectants (germ-killers) and antimicrobials (germ-protectors) that are safer.

Superior Surface Cleaning

Over the past 50 years, no single innovation has done more to reduce the need for harsh cleaners, toxic disinfectants or wasted water than microfiber. We have and will always provide products than promote and enhance this incredible material.

Protecting You Inside as Well as Outside

Fruits and vegetables that are not properly washed may deliver harmful bacteria and other microbes inside your digestive tracts. Plus, with our access to great supplements and dietary enhancements, we can now even strengthen your bodies personal defenses.

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