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Sealing & Protecting the Surfaces We Touch

Delivering the Very Best in Hand Care Products

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Remembering the Camping, Not the Mosquitoes

Our Mission is to provide the very best home care products for your family…

Personal protection while enjoying the great outdoors.

Protecting the surfaces we touch from microbial contamination.

Hand hygiene products from natural and effective ingredients.

Natural supplements that enhance digestion and increase energy.

Cleaning products that keep surfaces clean and odors under control.

We Feature & Promote the Following Brands

Boost your body’s own immunities, increase energy, promote better digestive processes and get all of the daily assortment of 21 vitamins and minerals you need.

The latest, most sustainable and natural means of providing your hands, skin and all of the surfaces around you with the protective, antimicrobial power of chitosan.

ENVIROTAB by Synergy Americas is line of tablets, which when dropped in water, will generate the world respected molecule chlorine dioxide.

This product is NOT bleach.

Unlike bleach, our tablets may be used around your home for common items like:

Pet deodorizing, coffeemaker descaling, refrigerator cleaning, vegetable washing, room air freshening, mold & mildew stain removal and more.

The BEST DEFENSE against biting insects, like:

Yellow Flies, Skeeters, Dog Flies, Gnats & No-See-‘Ems

Eco-Friendly, Kid & Pet Safe

Home Boys Homie Juice has a funny name, but it has a deadly serious effect on those pesky little creatures that bug you in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

Read the testimonials on our product page…they speak for themselves.

Our innovative antibacterial and antimicrobial products were developed with a focus on eliminating hazardous and unsafe chemical ingredients currently used in common antimicrobial surface cleaners, hand sanitizers, and mouthwashes found in our homes, workplaces, and commercial establishments. Our products also prevent the accumulation of waste products and help reduce undesired climate changes.

Zoono’s Microbe-Shield is a protective coating that creates a 3-dimensional, microscopic, physical structure on surfaces, using the active ingredient organosilane.

This coating has been proven effective at maintaining a 99.9% efficacy on environmental surfaces for over a 30 day period.

Sold and respected world-wide.

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