We want to see your family get the most of every outing…

Your client be impressed at your recommendations…

Your handshakes to be germ-free and fearless…

Your family’s meals to be made in the most sanitary conditions…

And your children to stay healthy and happy.

Products for Your Home & Family from…

Personal protection while enjoying the great outdoors.

Protecting the surfaces we touch from microbial contamination.

Hand hygiene products from natural and effective ingredients.

Natural supplements that enhance digestion and increase energy.

Cleaning products that keep surfaces clean and odors under control.

Did You Know?

Many of the triggers can be eliminated…

It is estimated that 30% of adults, and 40% of children are subject to the natural immunological responses triggered by microscopic particles all around us. We refer to these individuals as “allergy sufferers“. Almost exclusively, the airborne particles which cause such grief are organic in nature – bacteria, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, mildew and other odors and fragrances that cause red eyes, runny noses, coughing fits and sneezing.

Our Clean Air Cure is based upon a miracle molecule – chlorine dioxide, which is extremely small, seeking out and oxidizing these offenders before they can attack.

New Product in Focus…

24 Tablets in a small, convenient box – each able to make up to a quart of cleaning and deodorizing amazement, for less than $1.00 per bottle!

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